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Lockdown Wardrobe

I had a lockdown wardrobe, it was casual, sad and sparse
In fairness, dressing up each day would only be a farce.

I really have a lot of clothes, much more than I can wear,
But they were back in Cheltenham and I wasn’t in lockdown there.

Having not very much to choose from, was a cause of some frustration.
The few garments I had with me went into strict rotation.

The colour pallet boring, mostly shades of blue and grey.
My PJs were more colourful, but I couldn’t wear them all day.

I’ve never followed fashion, me and make up are at odds,
But my hair, with months of lockdown growth was looking like Ken Dodd’s

Now lockdown’s nearly over, I’m reunited with my kit
And really hoping that the clothes I haven’t worn will fit.


Are We Listening?

The universe has spoken
The message loud and clear
Not everyone is listening
There are some refuse to hear
It’s giving us a warning
And telling us who’s boss
But sadly, there are still those
Who couldn’t give a toss!
And when the virus leaves us
They’ll be the ones who try
To make us think we’ve gone mad
And it was all a lie
The ones who think they know it all
Will tell us it’s fake news
Ignore the science and the proof,
Continue to abuse
Our planet and the natural world
By stripping it’s resources
As long as there is profit
They care not of the sources
Let’s create a new normal
Find the true meaning of wealth
Money can’t buy real friends,
Love, family or good health
Appreciate this ‘great pause’
Give thanks that we’re alive
And help the only world we have
To rest, repair and thrive

© Jacky Leonard 2020

Author’s notes
These are my concerns about what people in power can do.  Coupled with my hopes for a more positive new normal once covid-19 has passed.