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Getting abreast of the situation

Put your shirt on came the shout
Please don’t get your mammaries out
It isn’t big, it isn’t clever,
It’s not even the sort of weather
For showing off your ample chest
Without the covering of a vest.
You’re bound to catch your death of cold,
You really shouldn’t be so bold.
For pity sake, hear what I say
And go and put your tits away!

(Jacky Leonard © 2002)


There was a young man from Dundee
Who wanted to go for a pee
He lowered his zip
To dribble and drip
And piddled all over his knee

Jacky Leonard © 2010


Authors Notes
Written at a Montpellier Writers Group session on limericks


I wandered…

I wandered lonely as a cloud
My Ipod tuned to girls aloud
I sang along in dulcet tones
Oblivious to earwiggers groans
Proof positive of just one thing
It’s a fallacy all the Welsh can sing!

© Jacky Leonard

Authors Notes
Written at a Montpellier Writers Group session.  We were given the first line to play with.