About Jacky

I was born and brought up in Pontypridd, South Wales and now live in the vibrant town of Cheltenham in Gloucestershire.

Regardless of where I roam, Wales remains my spiritual home…and thankfully I can get across the border within an hour when I need a quick fix.

Poetry in my soul is a collection of my poems and prose.  I earn my living as a Learning and Development Consultant and write in my spare time.  I find the process fun, cathartic and a way of keeping my creative juices flowing.  I stopped writing for a long time and didn’t realise quite how much I missed it until I started attending the Montpellier writers group http://montpellierwriters.co.nr/ The on the spot challenges and eclectic range of topics we tackle is reflected in this blog.  I guess I’ve become less self conscious about committing my thoughts to paper (or virtual pages) as I’ve got older.

I hope you enjoy it!

To be born Welsh
is to be born privileged.
Not with a silver spoon in your mouth,
But music in your blood
And poetry in your soul
– Wilfred Wilson

Jacky Leonard

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  1. secret on

    Nice one Jacks, really nice. Well done x

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