The decision

The way out seems so easy when you hurt too much to live
And you think how short a time it takes to die
No more misery or pain, nought to take and nought to give
No decisions to be made no need to lie

You cannot find a single soul to help or understand
Life’s doors are locked and you have lost the key
And so the balance of your life lies there in your own hand
And you hope this day will be the last you see

But please before you take that first step leading to your last
Let me put one question to your aching mind
If this were next year and you could look back upon your past
Would happiness still seem so hard to find

We do not know what lies in store and this can cause us dread
But joy like sorrow comes in many ways
And time will find an answer to the problems in your head
Go forward now and live out all your days

Jacky Leonard and Evie Thomas © 1980

Authors Notes
Written with my cousin Evie, in one of our more serious moments.

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