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A changed woman

A house in a town on a cold dark day
It looks like the rest in the row
Inside sits a woman with nothing to say
And no where that she cares to go
She looks in the mirror while doing her chores
And stares at the stranger within
Recalling the day that she worked as a whore
In McOnnally Duffs house of sin
The years come and go a woman can change
If only her knickers and vest
A proud housewife now, she remembers when she
Was decidedly one of the best
A vicar had come to her one dark night
Full of animal lust and desire
But when he couldn’t extinguish what he felt in his heart
He wed her to put out the fire
So now some years later we look at her fate
A do gooder now fair and true
But if she answered honestly what’s in her heart
She’d much rather be a good do!


Jacky Leonard and Evie Thomas © 1980

Authors Notes

Written with my cousin Evie, when I was still at school.  We used to spend hours playing with words and making each other laugh.  I can thank her for getting me interested in poetry and prose.  I miss her heaps.

Quiz night

10 around a table, trying to look smart

Questions seem a trifle tough, quiz master have a heart

We’d like to get a few right and leave with heads held high

It seems a bit unlikely, but we’ll give it one last try


Jacky Leonard – © 2010


Author’s notes

Written after a fun, albeit unsuccessful quiz night with friends



Somewhere we connected
Subconsciously in part,
Enjoying time together
More than the time apart.
I’m not sure how it happened
All I really know,
Is the time before I met you
Now seems so long ago.
I now want to be with you
As often as I can,
To share my thoughts and feelings
Experiences, plans.
It’s easy being with you,
It’s time that I adore
You’ve added something special
Made life better than before.

Jacky Leonard – © 2013




Without You

I miss your kiss, your scent, your touch
And wonder how I feel this much
For you in such a short timeframe
My life will never be the same
Without you

I long to hold you through the night
Being with you feels so right
I miss you more than I can say
Don’t want to be another day
Without you

© Jacky Leonard

Author’s notes
Yearning to be with someone can be painful.  This is my homage to those feelings.