Getting abreast of the situation

Put your shirt on came the shout
Please don’t get your mammaries out
It isn’t big, it isn’t clever
It’s not even the sort of weather
For showing off your ample chest
Without the covering of a vest
You’re bound to catch your death of cold
You really shouldn’t be so bold
For pity sake here what I say
And go and put your tits away!

© Jacky Leonard

Authors Notes

This was written after hearing a story about a friend of a friend, who’s party trick, when she got drunk, was to take her top off and show the world her breasts.  Ah well, we’ve all got our little quirks.  The thing that stirred me into writing was witnessing the disgust with which my friend shared the tale.  Made me chuckle at how appalled she was that someone would do such a thing.  Surprising how many names we have for a woman’s’ chest.

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