Through the eyes of a child

How did we end up so cynical?
When did we get so blasé?
Where did the wonder in everything go?
Who chased the excitement away?

The years pass by us so quickly
And with them our sense of surprise
A shame we lose the perspective of
The world through a little ones eyes

They have no pretence or conditioning
They’re Innocent, trusting and free
There’s no failure only feedback
Just the way it really should be

If we stop taking our lives for granted
And fearing what we can’t control
We could reconnect with our inner child
And rejuvenate body and soul

Jacky Leonard © March 2013

Authors notes

Thanks to baby Jacob Carey Mills, my inspiration for this one.

3 comments so far

  1. The Middle Of Nowhere on

    Reblogged this on Dead Wife.

  2. purple on

    Hello Jacky, this poem came up on the Reader so I wandered over to your blog to read more. I saw enough in the first few poems to bookmark and come back again so I can enjoy more of your talents.

    • poetryinmysoul on

      Hi Michael, thanks for bookmarking my blog site. Glad you liked the poem and hope I can help keep you amused, interested and entertained with future offerings.

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