Lockdown Wardrobe

I had a lockdown wardrobe, it was casual, sad and sparse
In fairness, dressing up each day would only be a farce.

I really have a lot of clothes, much more than I can wear,
But they were back in Cheltenham and I wasn’t in lockdown there.

Having not very much to choose from, was a cause of some frustration.
The few garments I had with me went into strict rotation.

The colour pallet boring, mostly shades of blue and grey.
My PJs were more colourful, but I couldn’t wear them all day.

I’ve never followed fashion, me and make up are at odds,
But my hair, with months of lockdown growth was looking like Ken Dodd’s

Now lockdown’s nearly over, I’m reunited with my kit
And really hoping that the clothes I haven’t worn will fit.


Are We Listening?

The universe has spoken
The message loud and clear
Not everyone is listening
There are some refuse to hear
It’s giving us a warning
And telling us who’s boss
But sadly, there are still those
Who couldn’t give a toss!
And when the virus leaves us
They’ll be the ones who try
To make us think we’ve gone mad
And it was all a lie
The ones who think they know it all
Will tell us it’s fake news
Ignore the science and the proof,
Continue to abuse
Our planet and the natural world
By stripping it’s resources
As long as there is profit
They care not of the sources
Let’s create a new normal
Find the true meaning of wealth
Money can’t buy real friends,
Love, family or good health
Appreciate this ‘great pause’
Give thanks that we’re alive
And help the only world we have
To rest, repair and thrive

© Jacky Leonard 2020

Author’s notes
These are my concerns about what people in power can do.  Coupled with my hopes for a more positive new normal once covid-19 has passed.


My walk today was priceless, my senses fed in full
Blue sky, dusted in white clouds, the sea a clear green hue

I strolled on grass green carpets that led to rocky shore
Saw colours in the landscape that eluded me before

The blossom smelled so sweetly when caught by gentle breeze
It scattered like confetti on the path and round the trees

Prickly yellow gorse was in full bloom on craggy hills
And peaking from behind a rock were golden daffodils

The cackled cry of gulls ahead of me on cliff and wing
And on the beach a colony of seals began to sing

In grunts and barks and snorts, they called and shouted, squealed and wailed
While lounging in clear water and basking on warm shale

A grey head broke the surface and bobbed above the waves
It dived and glided into surf towards the cliffs’ dark caves

I sat alone upon the hill and out to sea I gazed
In awe of my surroundings captivated and amazed

My heart was filled with gratitude I’d found a treasure trove
Of nature’s true magnificence along that rocky cove


© Jacky Leonard 2020

Author’s notes
I’m lucky to have access to stunning scenery and beautiful walks.  This is about one such place and was penned following a walk on the Little Orme with my dog Tess.

A Precious Thing

We have a rare and precious thing, you and I

A strong physical attraction

An alignment of values

A meeting of minds

An uncanny connection that transcends the obvious

Exactly when, where or how this happened, is a mystery to me

Maybe it was in a dream

Or maybe, this is a dream

And I’ll wake up and find you gone.


© Jacky Leonard


Author’s notes
Thoughts about connecting on every level with someone special

Life in Colour

The world became a different place the day that I met you,

The sun shines much more warmly, the sky’s a brighter blue.

The shades of grey I saw before, have somehow been replaced

My life is glorious technicolour, the darkness now erased.

My thoughts are soaring higher, there’s nothing I can’t do

My senses working overtime and all because of you

And yet I feel afflicted, and have a heavy heart,

My world reverts to shades of grey, whenever we’re apart


© Jacky Leonard

Author’s notes
Life can seem very different when you fall in love.

All of Me

My mind, my body,

heart and soul

Have found their match

achieved their goal

My search now over,

needs now few

All my desires

met by you


© Jacky Leonard 2019




Dreams of You

Have we met before, were we once a pair?

Did we share a kiss, have a brief affair?

Have we stood together in a warm embrace,

Did I hold your hand, gently touch your face?

Did we make love slowly beneath cool white sheets,

Then embrace each other ’til we fell asleep?

I ask because, as strange as it seems,

We’ve been together, if only in dreams.


© Jacky Leonard 2019

Author’s notes
When you meet someone special and click so well it seems as if you’ve known them forever.

The Bird

I was walking one day when a bird flew past me

It perched close by in a high tree

I watched it and it watched me.

There enbranched it quietly stood

In the safety of that small wood.

In the calmness of that old oak,

With hissing flies and bullfrog croak

Hazy sun shadows just like smoke

On wavering bough it did cling

For me a solo it began to sing.

© Jacky Leonard


Author’s notes

This was one of the first poems I wrote when I was still at school


Don’t throw my past at me; it hurts
Not because I’ve done anything particularly bad
But because you and I have something different

I hope I’ve learned by my mistakes and become
A better person because of the few people
Who were very close to me one time

Don’t compare me with people from your past; it’s wrong
I can’t say I won’t do similar things
But please give me the benefit of the doubt

Don’t play games with my feelings; I care
Let’s just take this relationship and make it work
Through communication, honesty, trust and love

© Jacky Leonard


Author’s notes

Relationships can be tricky.  Sometimes, it’s difficult to leave your baggage behind and move on.  These are my thoughts on the subject.

The last goodbye (short story)

They both knew, at best, it might be months before they would see each other again, as they sat in the airport chatting about the good times they’d shared over the past 12 weeks. Of course neither would admit it at the time, they just joked, laughed and bantered the time away until John’s flight was called, kidding each other that he’d be back in no time. A long lingering hug and a cheery wave goodbye and that was it. Julia stood rooted to the same spot for minutes, gazing into the distance after her lover. The man she adored had just got on a plane bound for the good old US of A, heading back to New York.

How had she let herself fall in love with this man? What on earth was she thinking? But that was just it; she hadn’t been thinking when she bumped into a tall, dark stranger a few months ago at a works party. She was captivated by his accent, sense of humour and engaging smile. He was so easy to talk to and right then she’d wished the whole roomful of people would just disappear so they could be left alone.  Of course it didn’t work like that, she was there with her boss and had to do her bit networking on behalf of the company. She remembered that night. How both of them couldn’t take their eyes off each other. It didn’t seem to matter where she went or how many people she talked to, she’d look up and there he was, smiling.

She didn’t know at the time how that chance meeting would turn her world upside down. Quite out of character, she’d given him her number that night, not really expecting him to get in touch. Imagine her surprise when she picked up her phone the next morning only to hear his deep, seductive voice. He wasted no time in asking her out and they hadn’t spent a night away from each other since.

He was in London on business, so she knew from the start that there would come a time when he had to go back to the States. Back to his family. Oh yes, she had become the other woman and although she loathed herself for falling for a married man she couldn’t end it.
As she walked away from the airport she wished he’d be back soon, but didn’t see how. After all he had been completely honest about his commitments right from the start, but she still hoped. She slowly drove home in a daze, parked the car on the drive, went in and switched on the visual Valium to distract her from her melancholy. She tried to focus on the possibility of seeing him again on his next trip to the UK, whenever that might be.

Just then, a news flash brought her thoughts abruptly back into the room as the presenter announced Flight 6061 to New York had crashed into the ocean, with all passengers and crew feared lost. She sat in numb disbelief. She had always believed she would see him again, but now she knew, John was gone forever. It was never meant to have happened this way.

© Jacky Leonard 2015

Authors Notes
Written at a Montpellier Writers Group session